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Henna is out of a plant that stains naturally. Yet it needs some after care to get the desired result. Please scroll down for details.

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The First Day

Let henna paste dry on your skin. Longer you keep the paste on, darker the stain will be. We may keep dried henna overnight by sealing it with cotton pads and Saran Wrap. 

Healing Process

Remove the paste gently. Do not wash until it gets to dark brown. Initially the stain is orange in color but it gets darker over the period of time. Avoid soaps but you may use essential oils on the stain. 

Special Attention

It takes 36 hours to achieve a mature henna stain and that is dark brown. Henna is darkest on the palms and under the feet as compared to any other body part. Heat and good blood circulation play an important role in darkening the color. 

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