Everyone calls me Sally. If I say I was born with henna, won’t be too wrong. I had started practicing henna at the age of 9. Since then it has become a passion and hobby for me. 


I only use natural henna and mix my own paste. Henna is such a magical, mystical and a healing plant that has many significances. 


I enjoy creating a design on my clients and always leave them with a memorable experience, henna tattoo stain and it brings  big smile on their faces. I’m fast in applying henna and mostly I get comments on that too. 


My social media followers and my returning clients are now my family and friends. That’s the beauty of henna connection that I admire the most - it doesn’t only touches the skin it touches your heart. 


Liverpool, New York, United States



Mon - Fri  9am - 10pm

Sat -Sun  10am - 8pm


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